Opulentus Overseas Careers Reviews

I am looking for abroad opportunities, I worked in the multi-national companies for 12 years, and my comprehensive experience enables me to work in foreign countries. I applied directly through Job portals; I got good response from the employers. But, I am not aware of the immigration procedures. I am struggling to seek get the proper help from consultancies. They say I am eligible for the skilled visas, but no one perfectly helps me with the procedure. There is lot confusion about the points based system. Do they assess based on the age, presently my age is 36, am I eligible now, for Canada, Australia, UK skilled visas. Recently, I received calls from Opulentus Visa Company, Can I trust the consultancy, they are into consultancy services for long time. Will they help in me in the pursuit of my dream to work abroad? They did not assure me success? But, they said me that they will guide me with the immigration procedure. How far that helps me? Does this consultancy can mitigate the long waiting visa processing periods. One of my friend said that skilled visas take too much time, years together. Is it so completed? Will Opulentus clears my doubt and helps me with the procedure. Please, kindly help which is the better and fastest way to migrate to Canada and Australia. I have no hopes to the USA, if you can guide me than I would be the happiest person. I read reviews of the successful candidates and depressed candidates waiting for the visa processing. Why do developed countries take such long time to grant visas to the professionals? Who help them largely by filling the skill gap of their country? I heard about consultancies that cheat aspirants by setting unrealistic dreams. I have worth experience, if you can help me, please guide me.. with the immigration procedures…


  1. Kiran

    I am unable to judge on the consultancy services provided by the immigration firms, there are numerous instances of consulting firms misleading the applicants; I tried calling many consultants in Hyderabad, by calling them, it is really frustrating to reveal that the firms lack the updated information on visa programs. I have read lot of online content and gone through the immigration procedures on official websites. They call the procedures as transparent, but what I feel is the rigid system of immigration. It takes years together to apply for the visa processing, why so, I don’t understand. Hardly, few consultants helped me find the real information. Even now I am feared of taking the services, please, help me if anyone has taken the service from the Opulentus and availed from the services. I have positive opinion on immigration firm, they have not set me unrealistic expectations, and few of my friends suggested me the Opulentus. I am expecting opinion of the successful applicants?

    1. Bagavathi

      Hi… Had you applied for PRV in opulentus?..
      If done, kindly suggest me with your openion

  2. Perveiz

    You can trust opulentus services as it is popular for high success rate and despite that it is truly dependent on candidate’s profile, whether to secure a visa. When it comes to point based visas, such as Australia and Canada immigration. The candidate has to secure eligible score and the consultants guide you how to improve your chances based on your profile. Opulentus helps you to check whether you are eligible for the visa program and explains you the immigration procedures. The best consultant will act as a guide to your successful visa processing.

  3. Sanjana

    Visa processing is related to foreign policy of the country, even the policies change regularly, anyhow embassies will have the impact of the countries policies. The countries are taking much time to process the application, out of frustration people who take the service of the foreign consultancy, will not tolerate and start commenting on the immigration consultancy. Immigration is necessary for the countries as it has become the economic imperative for many countries. so if the applicants have great patience they can easily go through the process, moreover candidates profile determines whether he is eligible for the procedure or not…

  4. Sushant

    Hi Guys,

    Sushant here, I need all your help guys, would be appreciatable. I had graduated with computer science engineering 2010 pass-out, having an experience of 5 years in HTML and PHP development with medium level organizations. I am planning to pursue my career in abroad most specifically in “Australia.”

    So, I approached few consultants in Hyderabad, all of them informed me what criteria is required also asked to pay some initial amount as processing fee.

    I had gone through all the websites the consultants I approached, one good news and sad news with all the websites is they have very positive reviews as well as some negative reviews. So I am very very confused with whom to go, is that advisable for me to with go premium brand usually charging a higher fee or with unknown brands charging the bit lower.

    Thank you, Waiting for someone to guide with your valuable suggestions

  5. Nidhi Kapoor

    what are the eligibility criteria required to apply for Canada express entry draw ?

  6. siva

    I have done with B.Tech CSE 2007 pass out with five years of working experience in IT. I tried once in starting of career to get Australia PR, but I haven’t met the required criteria points. Five years of working experience continuously without any breaks.

    Please help me with my process I am eligible for Australia PR, what are the points I need to get ?

  7. Aravindha

    Will I get Canada permanent residence card in India, or should I collect it after landing to Canada

  8. Ethan

    I am having an experience of 5 years in Mechanical Engineering,2009 pass out.

    I have a plan to Immigrate to Canada, so approached some of the Immigration Consultants the response what I got is not matching to the commitment, and rest of them lagging my time.

    I got to know about Opulentus and did research on Opulentus portal, had gone through all client reviews, finally I got some hopes.

    Could someone please help me with Canada immigration process

  9. kamal

    I am planning to Immigrate to Australia, having an experience 4 years in financial sales and also my wife is from IT 4 years of experience,as a spouse if she meets the eligibility criteria is that that to get migrate along with her and what are the possibilities of getting job for me their,and how long does it take to get a job,is this the good idea to step in .I read some of the Opulentus reviews as my friend suggested to me ,but I heard that you guys take bit more time to complete the process,does it depends on the type of process or for all the immigration process the time consuming period is same.

  10. veena

    Initially, I have no Idea how immigration consultants do work, as a client, we always only prefer to step in the organization that provides the quality service in time, definitely not the fake company.

    Opulentus is the first company I approached with lots of confusion state in my head.In my first meeting, they explained all regarding the criteria I should meet and said the fees structure, but I was not ready to pay, some suspicious is hitting in my head,after one week I paid some partial amount for Opulentus to start my process for Australia PR,but still same thing spinning around my head that is Opulentus fake? .With in two days they completed my intial assessment,and then after 9 months passed I got Australia PR.I am soo happy with Opulentus team

    It was a smooth journey with Opulentus. I liked the planned process and help that was offered to me in the time of need. Wish you luck in your future endeavours.

    1. Jayesh

      Is Opulentus is trust worthy and reliable.
      I am looking for Canada or Australia immigration.

  11. shivakarthika

    I am indeed glad to share my opulentus review ,still I am in the process with opulentus for Australia immigration.reason why I am with opulentus team because my had recommended to me ,she is one of the client to them.After long research from my side and through friends i selected opulentus,i feel now i didnt made any wrong step,process about to complete in 10 days.I would to all opulentus immigration consultant to all.

    Thank you Opulentus

    1. abhishek

      now u got the australia pr visa shiva san and how much fees they have taken plz tell me about this consultancy wheather i have to belive or not ehat is ur opinion ..i wanted to go for this for pr visa canada or australia..and if possible plz give ur no

  12. Chandhrika


    I had been gone through lots of problems at the time of Australia PR process.My experience with previous immigration consultants customer centric is very poor.After long wait and research with the help of my friends reference I have gone opulentus immigration consultant reviews powered me with confidence and trust on opulentus.

    I should appreciate sales team and process team for their valuable support in time.Yes of course at some point of time I lost my confidence because I haven’t met some of the required documents.At every single step the process was like streamline because of Opulentus team.Finally, after 14 months of wait I got confirmation from Opulentus that my Australia Visa was confirmed,that moment was enormous and blissful .

  13. Dheraaj

    I would like to thank Opulentus visa for all your help and proactive support during the Australian PR process. OPULENTUS has been very attentive towards my queries and questions which made me very comfortable and Your knowledge and experience made the process seem simple and straight forward.
    Special thanks to the whole process team of Opulentus helped me in getting the australia visa for always being there and going that extra mile to help us out in every step.You are the best immgration consultants in India.

    1. shivani

      HI Dheraj

      Could you let me know, post getting the Australia PR, does opulentus assist with getting the job also?
      As there is no point in getting the whole processa completed without having a definite job profile there of our IT domain.

      Much Thanks

  14. Rutika12

    Opulentus has helped me to fullfill my dream to come true, my life changed becuase of Opulentus ,I reached my desitiny. I would like to thank each and every one that helped me with the process at Opulentus. They have been very helpful and nonetheless a great asset to Opulentus. There have been times where I was impatient with the amount of documentation I had to do. I’m not sure if I’d be successful in completing all this without the help of Vamsi and Opulentus. Thank you team! You are the best when it comes to Visa services. I would gladly refer my friends to Opulentus!

    Keep up the good work!

  15. Lohitha

    It was my unforgettable great journey being associated with Opulentus team, first of all they know how to behave with the client ,that i hadn’t seen in with my previous fraud immigration consultant. Information they shared to me is enormous and worthy ,made me to understand with clear cut which document is required at each and every stage of process. My special thanks to all who ever guided in whole visa process, Manoj,sorry I forget remaining names.All the best for Opulentus team.

  16. pratusha

    Thanks for all your guidance and prompt response to my queries and making this journey a success.

    I am immensely satisfied with your dedication and taking it to closure on a happy note.I thank all the associates who interacted with me and clarifying my queries (Sheeba, Manoj etc…to name a few).

    Thanks once again and let me know your services regarding job search and post landing process.

  17. Hardeep

    A big THANK YOU Opulentus team for your support towards my journey from filing Vetassess Application till my Visa Grant. I am really sorry for the ones whom I have been nasty and rude. A special thanks to Ashwini, Anuradha, Nasreen, Anil & Sheeba who was always there with me to go through difficult times in the process.
    Opulentus services are very genuine, amazingly transparent and full proof.Though at the time I am demotivated and showed my frustration towards you guys, always maintained the same streamline and kept me motivated.

    Best of luck Opulentus team for your incredible support.

    1. Vikram

      Hi Hardeep,

      Are opulentus a genuine company for visa and immigration. i am little worried.

  18. Rakesh

    It was a great journey of working with Opulentus Team om my Visa.Everyone in the team was so kind and helpful. They have provided me the thorough information and details while I was in the process of getting the documents at the last stage of my processing. Special thanks to Pinky (from Delhi team) and Teja for guiding me. Appreciate your time and efforts!

    A Big Thank you to Opulentus Team for making this happen!

  19. Haraathi

    Hi Opulentus team ,I would like to thanks whole for the support and guidance for Australia PR.

    Yes, immigration process is not that easy, involves lots of fluctuations and hurdles,despite that you guys you been with me in all the times and made it very smooth,I am very delight that had choose opulentus as my visa consultants to get my Australia PR.The efforts and endeavour by the team were incredible,boldly saying they rose my career to the next level.
    I would like to personally thank Mr. Mahender for his remarkable contribution and personal interest in my case. It was due to his support and interest the case was successful.

    Hope to receive same support & help from job search and post landing team also…

  20. padmapriya

    Hello Opulentus Team,

    First of all thank you very much for overall Visa process. I would like to highlight both positives and improvements here from my experience in this journey. Positives: Process-wise, you have well-defined setup. Calls are clear and Case officers are knowledgeable. Document verification is good and feedback on the documents is also good. Most importantly, I like the way you document everything in the Intranet. This helps the applicants check the details whenever needed. I also needed the proactive nature of your company in informing the applicant about public holidays or any unavailability, which helps a lot. I would like to recommend your company to my friends and colleagues.

    All the best and thanks again whole Opulentus team.

  21. charvitha12

    Thanks opulentus team for all the support provide throughout whole PR journey. Service was excellent and hope you support and guide many other professionals. Few points which I want to highlight, which might help the efficiency of your process:

    1) Pls council the person with all pros and cons of PR process and job code. As you are professional and know in and out of Australian skill migration program, you can advise with most suitable profile and which has the maximum chance of getting accepted. For ex., in IT, people perform many roles, sometime programmer analyst, BA, PM. So you can advise as which profile has the maximum chance of getting accepted. Now it’s up to candidate which profile to select.

    2)While collecting documents, check that scan copy is fulfilling the needs. It should not be that after some time, request come stating this doc is not up to mark.

    3)Be pro-active in advising, what all need to be done as next step. Apart from email, pls call candidate regularly and explain. In my process of getting sponsorship, I need to find out what all is needed. It’s not that you will not tell, but it can be done faster.

    4)Check for all document should be done at initial stage only. I have seen, when new step comes, the request was coming that you are in process of verifying document and had some SLA. I was not sure why now all check was going, instead, it should be much earlier.

    5)In visa documentation, it is fine, if we submit as many documents as possible, like for 1221, 80 in first doc submission. Instead of waiting for them to ask. These are my thought, might be wrong, there might be some thought given for each stage. Otherwise very effective, one knows each step of the process and excellent support to keep updated with latest information on migration program.

    Thank you

  22. Kalyan12

    Many people realized their dream of working abroad, some studying abroad and few move to join their loved ones. How is it possible with the most trusted consultancy – Opulentus.
    The hard work of numerous people working with the organization helped many individuals realize their dreams. The dedication of the process team and regular follow-ups lessens the burden of anxious aspirants willing to migrate.
    Immigration is a daunting task, but Opulentus makes it easier to you through its calculated strategy. There would not be any soothing words, a well-planned procedure to help you migrate to your dream destination.
    Immigration is deeply associated with financial requirements and one has to be careful before taking any decision. The expert consultants of the Opulentus always make you think economical while spending. All the skilled visa programs offered by the immigration consultancy are budget friendly.
    Opulentus is the only consultancy in the market that makes you feel that immigration is no longer a daunting task. Everyone can realize their dream of moving abroad.

  23. anudeepn

    From the first day of me walking in to the Opulentus office at Somajiguda and meeting Meraj Fatima and later on working with Anil and Vamsi one thing I have experienced is the brilliant consistent and exceptional customer satisfaction that the team delivered! There was never a situation where I had to follow up or struggled through the process. I am over whelmed with my experience and success and sure would be happy to refer more friends to Opulentus. Kudos to each one of you who contribute in defining service excellence with your subject matter expertise! Please accept my sincere thanks for all the help in making this happen for me!

  24. Vishwas89

    I would like to thank OPULENTUS & the team for helping me in fulfilling my dream of getting Australian PR. They know what, when and how to do the things to reach to the final destination.Ashwini Naga had provided very detailed information and guidance at each step of the process.

    Their expertise and experience has always given me confidence and encouraged me to proceed further even when it was looking difficult and more on that the final stage of visa has just completed in 2 months exactly in our(me and my wife) case.I would say they are the best for Australia immigration with very high success rate.

  25. Varthikasharma

    Although my application was lazy enough as I was stuck with lot of other issues and was very slow during the initial 6 months, things changed drastically for me following up the Opulentus case-officers and though in my case it took almost 3 years to get my VISA Grant because other reasons from my personal reasons and also some pending documents , it was really a great journey to have such dedicated case officers who have helped in getting the proper documentation and whenever needed they could assist me with the right information.

    I would like to thank whole OPulentus team for their determined assistance, going an extra mile with all the information i needed or asked. Appreciate their patience in resolving my queries about the process as early as possible. Thank you all & Opulentus for creating a path to get our dreams comes true. Thank you all so much whole-hearted for being with me in this Journey of trying to fulfill my parents wishes of me settling abroad. Wish you all good luck. Have a great time ahead.

  26. Uttam

    Hello, Overall I am quite happy with the services that were provided to me throughout the 330 odd days of our association with Opulentus .You have provided good guidance and assistance whenever required. I have 2 points of concern, though:

    1. Apparently, someone at Opulentus informed my Senior Manager about my Visa Application, when he had approached you regarding a migration inquiry. My Manager approached you around the month of March/April and the member mentioned that I am also applying for a PR. Fortunately, my manager did not create a fuss – but this surely should not be done. We do expect Opulentus to keep anonymity of the customer. 2. I was initially gauged for 5 extra points on account of my Australian Education, which was for 18 months. I had specifically mentioned this to your team prior to my evaluation itself, but you confirmed that I was eligible for those 5 points. In the end, those 5 points were not counted in my application (and were probably a cause for the delay as well).

    Again, fortunately for me, I had 70 points, so I could afford to let go of those 5 points – but I expected that this should have been realized by you guys, as you are the experts in the matter. None the less, the service quality and supportiveness of the staff (especially Shiva) has always been top notch, which is why, in spite of the above points, I am satisfied by what I have received from Opulentus. I would in fact also recommend your services to my peers.

    Please keep up the good work! and thank you for your support

  27. Kowshalya45

    I started with the process of Australian immigration in July 2014, being in about the process started understanding the minute details of the process with the assistance of Opulentus staff at various levels. But , at that point in time, my job code was not open in any of the states . After a year it was expected that the job code will be available in the state of South Australia and the code got opened in July 2015 but due to the negligence of your staff and my case officer , I lost that opportunity and being dissatisfied I raised a complaint on 9th July 2015 .

    Further , on this complaint which was addressed by Teja Seshu Kumar Kanchanapalli and from that time he became my one point contact . Teja being a polite and knowledgeable person assisted me at every point and what impressed me the most about him was his positive approach toward my profile and changing my negative perception about opulentus and its staff .

    He was a great support and a motivation force who was always prompt and precise in resolving queries and clarifying the process as a whole .. Today we have been granted a Visa (sub class 190 ) .. and Teja was the person who initiated the NSW EOI process and we together have a success story today .. my special thanks to Teja and continuing success for his future endeavors.

  28. Birbal56

    The Journey of getting the VISA was smooth with Opulentus and all the case officers whom I interacted gave great support at all times.

    I would like to especially thank Ms. Sheeba who was available and helped us all the time. Thanks a lot for her limitless support.

    Overall, it was great experience working with you all during this process.
    I would expect the same kind of support in finding job and settling in Australia with my family.

  29. Haripreetsingh

    I would like to thank OPULENTUS and Mrs.Ashwini Naga & the team for helping me in fulfilling my dream of getting Australian PR. They know what, when and how to do the things to reach to the final destination.Ashwini Naga had provided very detailed information and guidance at each step of the process.

    Their expertise and experience has always given me confidence and encouraged me to proceed further even when it was looking difficult and more on that the final stage of visa has just completed in 2 months exactly in our(me and my wife) case.I would say they are the best for Australia immigration with very high success rate.

    Special thanks to Ashwini Naga

  30. nainakour

    I had a wonderful expertise with Opulentus.
    I would wish to give thanks to the whole team who helped me throughout this 7/8 months tenure of the process .
    Right from the day one, You guys are showing your expertness to induce the each step cleared on behalf of me.
    Special due to Kamal and Inshika. you’re continuously right there to assist me.

    I will merely say the method was sleek on behalf of me. But I’d wish to mention a number of points to create the method some a lot of fruitful.
    I agree you guys area unit following some method that is sweet, however, in some areas, I feel you’re taking very little longer.
    Again, overall expertise is extremely abundant satisfactory. I hope, you may facilitate me a job, to search out an acceptable job in Australia.

    I positively refer Opulentus to my friends and share my expertise.

    Thank you noticeably.

  31. narmadakiran

    I would like to thank the Team Of Opulentus for their support towards the whole process for my Australia PR.You guys are very well knowledge and clarified all our queries instantly either through mail or call.The immigration process is very emotional and every single time created in me lots of curiosity and same time bit panic, it like always like breathtaking process for me, even if we make single mistake or missed any document the consequence would be worst, Opulentus very keen about this and sharp at floating through the required documents.

    That brought lots of confidence in me at every single step which is very important for any immigration consultant that creates the faith in the brand that is very important.

    Finally, I would like to express my good wishes to the Opulentus.

  32. Kuldeep

    Intensified my happiness after getting the beyond my expectations.
    Opulentus is my third visa consultant I approached. The juncture I went through is very heart touching and incredible because this is my life changing decision I made with lots of hope to thrive my career, Opulentus played very crucial role in my journey of acquiring a visa to Australia.

    Opulentus accountable for the consequence held, Everyone sales, process, customer care were very patience and knowledgeable, of course, I congratulate for equipping them the quality training.

    My words are just not enough to express my feelings on Opulentus for the favour they did to me and my esteem to them always.

  33. Nirmithak

    It’s been the unbelievable journey with Opulentus immigration consultant; I am introvert person I used to get calls from lots of immigrations consultants I never turned up , reason behind that I feel so insecure to approach because some of the facts about few fraud consultants pushed me always into dark shadow, as usual, I got a call from Opulentus suggesting me which country to immigrate based on my experience and points I have.

    Fine, I took it soo casual since I don’t believe, I started doing some research on this consultant portal read many past and existing client feedback.Something has started inside of me like small hope.I directly dropped to their office along with my husband, These guys are well trained and know how to believe with the client and knew what client need exactly.

    Whatever documents they needed I shared with them, their back to back follow-ups through emails and calls was mesmerizing, they had given me Opulentus dashboard to find my visa process status.Finally, I got my visa to Australia, Extremely sorry guys for very late review, it’s been almost one and half year I had taken service from Opulentus.

  34. Chaitra12

    My experience with Opulentus is the Wonderfull association with the team. I felt their cost initially is the bit higher compare to other service providers in the market, but the team ensures that they do justification to the every single penny paid by the client. I have always been guided in the right path, always got swift responses to query either through call or mail. Overall, delightful experience with the team of Opulentus and became the reason in happening my life changing turn.

    Keep it up the team; your patience, guidance really matter to the client.I would definitely recommend to my family members, friends, and colleagues.

  35. koushik

    The Process of My Visa in Opulentus was Very Slow in Starting Stage. I don’t know reason is. On that time I called up to them and asked what the status of my visa was. They didn’t answer my call. At that moment I’m in doubt that approaching opulentus is the right choice or not. I had opened their website and studied few reviews of their site. So again I called back them and asked I had seen some negative reviews on your site.

    So that I called to my spokesperson and asked is that safe to continue my visa process with opulentus, then she replied positively to my answers and process of my visa had been moved forward. Then after a few of months, my visa was granted. At last, I reached my goal through opulentus and their valuable services.

  36. keerthika

    Honestly few of my friends conveyed their dislike at the time when I’m approaching Opulentus. Even though I was not in a situation to take services with opulentus. Before I was approaching Opulentus, I went some other immigration consultants ,but felt they were fake immigration consultants, but I’m not satisfied with their commitments and price. Still, I do not have faith to take service with opulentus.

    But I somewhere I got confidence, which their words attracted me and gave the boost to my service. Finally, I am sincerely thanking Opulentus Immigration Consultants for providing authenticated services. I’m happy to recommend Opulentus Visa Consultants to my family, friends, anyone who are Interested to migrate to abroad.

  37. Goutham Nanda

    Support given by the team of Opulentus was unbelievable.

    My way to reach the destination was not that easy, encountered many troubles, these guys helped me in all the aspects, gave me the assurance that I landed at the right place.This credit is not allocated to one person completely teamwork.

    I would like to personally thank my case officer for his efforts contribution and personal interest in my case helped me a lot. It was due to his support and interest the case was successful.

    I would also like to thanks, Mr. Adtiya and other team members for their support.
    Thanks a lot from my whole family.

  38. abhimanyu

    This feedback what I am writing now is from my heart, this so emotional my life gear entirely turned on because of Opulentus.

    I got PR for Australia the reason behind this the teamwork. It’s so commendable with the service of complete guidance from the case officer who traveled along with in the journey of my visa process for 14 months. I would like to mention some of the names Mr.Manoj, Mr.Kamal been with us in all the times, via emails, calls. The intranet of opulentus is very flexible to the client to find the status of the process.

    I would love to recommend you to my friends and known who wants to immigrate to other countries.I would say appreciate you opulentus is one the best Immigration consultant in India.

  39. shanthi12

    I am sharing here my overall feedback regarding the services I availed from the opulentus, that Jiffy was very special for me at the time I received the confirmation about Australia PR I would like to show my gratitude for the support and help your team given to me through the entire visa process.

    I felt Initially the commitment committed by the sales team is mismatching I was soo disappointed, then with some discussions, I got to know the reasons finally fulfilled all whatever I desired.My case officer he made me understand clearly everything about my case, of course, each case differs for a stand-alone client.

    CO is the key person in my whole process, he is only the point of contact for me in this 14 months from opulentus, having lots of patience with good communication skills to make clear cut understanding to the laymen like me.

    All the best whole team of opulentus.

  40. sudheer

    Hello Opulentus Team

    Here conveying thanks from my family and me to the whole Opulentus team for the assistance and help in the entire visa process for Australia PR.

    The system of the Opulentus was well organized, you guys are professionals in follow up with the client, the communication via emails and phone calls, their web portal is very feasible updated my status instantly, even the calls I missed from them got recorded in the portal, they are very customer centric.

    Throughout the process whichever interacted with me, I would like to thanks them all

    T S Jayanthi For explaining the processes and helping me in registering with Opulentus.

    Sheeba and Anusha – Case Coordinators.

    Manoj Chowdary is the key person in my process from guided me, every single time I face hurdle he showed me the solution.

    Thanks once again Opulentus Immigration consultancy .

  41. Rajitha590

    I am still not in the state to believe myself that I got Australia PR visa, you guys proved what your standards are, I am very fortunate to get associated with Opulentus group.

    No one has referred me opulentus to choose, completely my fate to reach my destiny to avail the services from this consultant.On the basis of my experience and service received from Opulentus, I have full believe and trust to recommend anyone who is planning to immigrate to abroad.

    Because Opulentus team members are expertise, they are well knowledge regarding immigration; I literally annoyed them many times
    with my behavior and questions, despite they maintained the same line of relation and provided solutions for all.

    I have read some reviews, complaints about many immigration consultants; but these guys are perfect in the same streamline working process to the client, helpful at all the times

    There is one feedback or rather suggestion that I would like to say to you guys, Whenever I spoke to anyone of you or went through your emails, I always felt that you guys are professionals to the core, but that also gave me the feeling that the emails, calls, etc. are frigid. There is no Smile attached to it. That sense me that I can only talk business with you guys. Being very professional is sometimes not required as you guys are into selling dreams, hopes and changing lives for good. So have that smile and warmth attached to your voice or your emails. I think it would make lots of difference.

    All the best whole Opulentus team

  42. Vikranth45

    I have started with the process of Australian immigration one year back with Opulentus, being a very new to the immigration process, I started understanding the each every minute detail of the process with the assistance of Opulentus process team. Once I lost that opportunity and being dissatisfied, I raised a complaint on this, Further , on this complaint which was addressed by Teja and from that time he is point of contact from Opulentus,

    He is very knowledge and has lots of patience to explain the process; I could say because of him I learned a lot about immigration. Today he is one of the key person in my life from Opulentus to immigrate to Australia .Not that remaining team members were not helpful to me; I congratulate all the team members who involved in my process.

  43. Lakshitha

    My Indelible review to Opulentus Immigration Consultant for the kind of service they provided to me in my entire process, Initially I have no clue which country suits me based on my experience, age, and education.

    My first step with the Opulentus initial was assessment of my profile, within 24 hours they provided the result based on criteria and my requirement, I initially intended to Immigrate to USA or Canada, though I’m not eligible to these countries,

    They never let me go down my hopes, based on the points and documents I am holding suggested me to move Australia.

    After lots of hurdles and twists with my process, with the help of case officer dedication and follow -up, he made it get to happen and finally I got Australia permanent visa. I hope you guys will be with me in future for any guidance required.

  44. madhubala

    They provoke the quality service to the client is intensified moment of happiness in my entire life. The reason I dropped into Opulentus office in Hyderabad is my friend Sharath availed Australia PR visa from this consultant.

    I would like to my show gratitude towards few people here significantly my case officer who is accountable for the entire process and my friend for showing the right path in the unpleasant thrones field.

    I was emotionally bridged with the Opulentus team members and management.The prompt and guidance at the right time along with service made me write this review. I could not thanks enough for making a dream come true settle in Australia under PR visa. In future for any requirement, Opulentus comes first in the list of my head.

  45. pranayk

    Before getting in touch with Opulentus, I did lots of preparation regarding how to Immigrate to Australia & about Australia PR.

    As a layman to understand the Immigration policies and programs is not that easy I learned ultimately we end up wasting time and money, with my experience I always suggest to choose the right immigration consultant based on brand and establishment. Opulentus is fortunate I chose for Canada visa process, the whole team is dedicated, though it is a time taking process they motivated me with lots of patience and consistency in the process updates.My family and I would like to show our appreciation to Opulentus team.

    1. Ruchija

      Hello cn i hv ur contact no
      I hv sum queries bout d company
      Please need ur help

  46. dhanujaykanth

    When I came to meet the Opulentus team, Even I do not know a bit of Immigration Knowledge. After my first meet with the opulentus team, They had explained me the entire process of Australia and Canada. But at that moment I am thinking that how my future is going to be Bright if I migrate to abroad.

    After few months again I got a call from Opulentus at that moment I felt happy to meet they had boosted my confidence. So Finally after 11 months, my visa was granted to move to Australia. I sincerely thank an Entire team of Opulentus for Making me happy to go to Australia through PR visa.

  47. vanajasharma

    I want to appreciate the timely follow-ups, status updates and commitment showed by the team members of the opulentus, I had got confirmed with the 189 visa grant for Australia, I have suggested opulentus to my cousin she is in the process now.

    Thanks for making my hope real.

    1. revathi

      did they provide you job assistance?
      how helpfull was that?

    2. Kailash

      Hi Vanaja,
      I was exploring Opulentus website. It wud be helpful if you share –
      Under which skill u got approval for Australia’s 189 visa?
      How long it took for the visa process?
      Whether u have landed up with a good job there?
      Whether opulentus helped you with the job?
      How much cost did u incur for the whole process?
      Thanks in advance. Kindly revert.

  48. Srujan

    Can i see valid copies of your visas, because there is lot of fraud and fake is going online.


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