Tikona fraud company complaint

I have Tikona Internet in my house mainly because 3 ISPs in Rajkot. Reliance has already been the worst customer service. My plan is 2mbps limited to 40gb after that i get about 512kbps. So I suppose to pay 3 months in advance to get the service. In that 3 months, I had not a single moment of stable internet connection. It breaks in every 5 minutes. I had to go and restart the modem. Even if it a start working, I get a speed of only 0.05 mbps. And what even more worse is that the technical department knows nothing. They say that 0.05 mbps is 512kbps. I have been daily calling them to fix my service since they have taken my money now so instead of providing better service, they just only respond to say your connection is now fixed. I warn every tikona aspiring consumer to never even think to get tikona. This is basically a fraud company that gives no value to your money.

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