I have checked the website www.visaspermits.com, they claim to be ICCRC and MARA members but when i checked with the company name “Visaspermits” and VisasPermits Immigration services Pvt Ltd they don’t come up in any.

Can you any one please update me on the authenticity of this compnay pls?


  1. nishant k iyer

    I checked with the company , there staff is very professional, systematic in the visa filing approach, when i asked about if they are iccrc & mara member, they informed they will put us across these iccrc & mara memeber based on clients requirement/ request.however, they are not direct members.They suggested all the options very transparently & explained the process systematically , looking at their approach of guidance i have the trust on them for visa filing.

    1. Krish

      Hi Nishant,

      Is VISASPERMITS safe to apply for over seas immigration, is there any of your known ones applied and got succeeded through http://WWW.VISASPERMITS.COM !!

      Please suggest me .. thank you !!


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