Permits & Visas Review

Permits & Visas is a global immigration company that has offices in the UK and in Dubai. They work with experienced and qualified immigration consultants and lawyers.

One question we want you to ask yourself at the beginning of this review and throughout is, who are the immigration consultants and lawyers?

The Website

The website for Permits & Visas is professional looking and easy to use. Permits & Visas claim to help you immigrate to a number of countries; Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, the USA, the UK, Hong Kong, South Africa, Malaysia, Panama, Brazil, New Zealand and Singapore. This immediately raised red flags for us.

One of the biggest problems that we had with the Permits & Visas website is that they claim to have immigration consultants and lawyers that will help you with your immigration process. Who are they though? Each country will have its own set of laws and rules regarding immigration and working in a country. This would mean that they would need immigration consultants for each country as well as immigration lawyers that are knowledgeable about each country’s specific immigration laws. Yet, they have not given names of any consultants or lawyers.

The website for Permits & Visas was only created in February 2014. This is a little concerning as they claim to have over 13 years of experience. Why is their website so new? When we started looking a little more at the website for Permits & Visas we found a few more problems. On the website Permits and Visas claims to be accredited by quite a few corporations. They say that they are accredited by the ICCRC, MARA, the Law Society of England and Wales United Kingdom and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to name a few. When you click on each of these organisation’s logos you are directed to the top of the page. Permits & Visas also claims to employ US immigration attorneys in their Panama office. We find this a bit fishy as they claim to have offices in Dubai and the UK.

There is a terms and conditions, privacy policy and a refund policy.

Social Media

permits visas facebook

Permits & Visas has a social media page for just about every form of social media you could think of. The Facebook page for Permits & Visas has 36 913 likes and has regular posts. Please note that Facebook posts can be bought. However when people ask for more information they are asked by Permits & Visas to send them their number. We would assume that people would be asked to send their e-mail or to visit the website for Permits & Visas. The language used on the website is not professional, “your” is often spelt “ur”, that was a give-away. The marketing side of Permits & Visas is very good but whether they follow through, we are unsure. The Facebook page was also only created in 2014.

There is a Twitter page that has 177 followers and there are regular posts. There is also an Instagram page that has 134 followers and a few posts. There is a Google + page and a LinkedIn page. All of these pages have the relevant9information on them.


At first look Permits & Visas looked quite professional and promising but as we started to chip away at the paint all their flaws were revealed. We were unable to find any immigration consultants or immigration lawyers anywhere on the website. We did a RCIC agent search with the companies name and nothing turned up. The fact that Permits & Visas claim to be accredited by so many different immigration corporations and law firms with nothing to show for it worries us.

Testimonials of previous clients can be found on the website but we found some strange testimonials. South Africa has a retirement visa but the testimonial provided for this visa is from Lily, and Lily looks quite young. Could it maybe be a case of a Google images search? We feel that Permits & Visas could have spent a bit more time searching for an image of someone a bit more believable.permits visas lily

We would not trust Permits & Visas as an immigration agency as they are unable to provide people with any information about their immigration agents or lawyers.

If you have dealt with Permits & Visas please leave a comment below in our comments section.

• There is a terms and conditions, privacy policy and a refund policy
• Free online assessment

• No indication of who the immigration consultants or lawyers are
• Bad language used on the Facebook page
• Claim to be accredited by quite a few corporations but there is no proof
• Offer immigration services to 13 countries but no immigration consultants or lawyers listed

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