ACT Fibernet Internet Service- Very Low Net Speed

We took ACT Fibernet Connection. My package monthly rental 1150/- rupees. At the time of connection, they said 30 Mbps speed and 60 GB data. But really I am getting not more than15kb to 25kb speed. I am very much frustrated with the speed. I complained many times and usually, we have to wait 48 hours after raising the complaint. They are coming and going but the speed of net is not changed. There is no use with the complaint. Even Gmail also not opening with that speed.
I am complaining about Fibernate, Provide quality service to customers.

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  1. ACT Fibernet

    Dear Valued Customer,

    We are sorry to know that you are facing speed issue. Please share your customer ID or registered contact number to enable us investigate this matter.

    ACT Fibernet


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