But it turns out that this is only true in a closed system

Because the facts are these: The problems facing this state aren going away, ever. Don mean to be a Debbie Downer here, but really: You think the pension mess is going to be fixed? It impossible. Not going to happen. But it turns out that this is only true in a closed system. But since Boulder isn a closed system there are other factors. For example, if you somehow could add enough housing to get the median price below the surrounding area then you just attract additional buyers trying to escape from the $600k+ housing in the better parts of Denver..

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Also, a big issue is that the part of Jersey most people sees is either Newark (because that where the airport is) or just the Turnpike (the road connecting NYC and Philadelphia). The only go to the biggest, dirtiest, heaviest traffic areas. It called the garden state for a reason.

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